A MUST read for fans of Historical Fiction!

A Triple Knot is set in the 1300’s and tells the tale of Joan of Kent, cousin to King Edward III. Joan is befriended by Thomas, one of the King’s knights, and he soon captures her heart. They pledge their love and troth in secrecy. But the King has other martial plans for Joan, intent on using her royal blood for gain. She is pledged to another not long after, someone Joan has no respect for, not to mention love. The Prince also has plans for Joan and has claimed her as his queen since their childhood. Will Joan dare to fight against what the King wishes? Will she and Thomas be able to reveal their vows and stay together? I really enjoyed this novel by Emma Campion! Historical Fiction is quickly becoming my favorite genre. In a time and place when royalty ruled and seemed to obtain whatever they wanted, Joan shows tremendous courage and fight. If you enjoy Historical Fiction, you must read this novel!


“City of the Sun”

I just finished City of the Sun by Juliana Maio! It is absolutely brilliant!  Set in Cairo in 1941, it is a tale of love and spies jammed packed with adventure!  Maio builds the story through each character giving the reader a full understanding from both view points.  Her writing is so descriptive and lovely, you will feel as if you are right there in the Middle East! The story follows Mickey, an ambitious American journalist, and Maya, a Jewish refugee, as their love develops intertwined with secrets.  There is so much history! The author did her homework and research to make this story very real and authentic!  If you are ready for historical fiction with danger, action, and romance, this is the novel for you!! I gave it 5 stars!

I was privileged to receive a copy from Bookmovement and was included in an online chat with the author, Juliana Maio.  I truly loved this book!  My Book Club selected this novel as our June book and to honor this book we are dressing in 40’s attire at our next meeting! I encourage you to visit Juliana Maio’s website to learn more about this book at http://www.julianamaio.com/


“Remember Me Like This” by Bret Anthony Johnston

“Cecil raised his chin-follow me-and eased back onto the road.  Sand kicked up behind his wheels and his son merged into traffic behind him, and like that, it had started.” 

I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of this debut novel (thank you Random House!)  It intensified with each chapter, and I could  not read fast enough!  Remember Me Like This is a psychological thriller that focuses on a family trying to find a new “normal” after their son is returned from being kidnapped four years ago.  Everything is now seen through a new lens after their existence has been altered by the knowledge of the life Justin lived during those four years.  Johnston takes you through the emotional roller coaster that each family member experiences during the months after Justin’s return. You will live the emotional highs and lows as Johnston’s vivid imagery floods your mind.   I will anxiously await Johnston’s next novel!!  

“Bet You Can’t…….FIND ME” by Linda S Prather

My latest read is “Bet You Can’t…..FIND ME” by Linda S. Prather. This novel drew me in instantly! The main character, Catherine Mans, is a psychic who uses her abilities to help the police solve murders. She also runs a business with her best friend, Rosetta, where they aid insurance companies with claims. Several murders from Catherine’s home town have the FBI looking for her, thinking she is the prime suspect. As Catherine delves into her past to face demons of her childhood, she begins to unravel the mystery. Is she really the killer or is someone playing with her?

I loved reading about a character with psychic abilities. I thought the author developed real characters with real emotions that the reader can relate to. This book kept me guessing too, which held my interest! I was also excited to find out this book will have a sequel released in August!! I can’t wait to find out what happens next!